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What Critics are saying Pre Screening

Brenda Lastarrr

Brenda Lastarrr

A must see!

A great movie about turning your life to a greater meaningful and positive existence. I enjoyed this movie.
Paul Aragon

Paul Aragon

It's the real world!

Four and 1/2 stars, really. The acting was second to none in the modern gangster film genre. The washing machine scene brought me to tears. The evil gangster was among the best villains in film history. I wish he had more scenes! Don't expect a fast-paced thriller like Menace II Society or Juice, but do expect the fierce authenticity of those same said flicks
Thomas BC Rogers

Thomas BC Rogers

Great Movie

This movie was actually good. A must see regardless of being in the hood, you can do big things in small ways and make a difference. Very Good!

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